The National Alliance for Public Affairs Networks’ mission is to foster, encourage and support the development of independent State Civic Networks in all 50 states. We view this as a first step in addressing a distrusting, disengaged and apathetic public. State Civic Networks are specifically designed to empower and encourage citizens toward becoming more informed, engaged participants in our democratic process, thus assuring a vibrant and transparent democracy in America.

State Civic Networks provide professional-quality, multi-camera coverage of all three branches of state government, including public proceedings, policy discussions, and the electoral process. State Civic Networks will create comprehensive and searchable libraries of video recordings, written testimony, research products, voting records, legal documents, court decisions, executive orders and related materials. The goal is to give citizens, journalists, scholars, policymakers and others unprecedented access and engagement tools to ensure a true representative democracy.

Providing gavel-to-gavel content and the tools to access it is crucial to government transparency, but to really be effective stewards of our democracy, citizens need more than that. State Civic Networks also provide context through original programming that brings together elected officials and other experts to discuss the policy process and explain what it means to all of us.

Video – “A Crisis of Coverage: The Future of Statehouse Reporting”

This production was recorded at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., featuring: Steve Waldman, FCC “Information Needs of Communities” report author, St. Petersburg Times Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Lucy Morgan; Ohio State Senate President Richard Finan; and Paul Giguere, President of the National Association of Public Affairs Networks.